Why I Started This Adventure....A Sunrise

March 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I know, this is a cliche...but if you told me 5 years ago I would be starting my own photography business I would have said "How? Why?  I just graduated pharmacy school. I'm a pharmacist, not a photographer...thats just a hobby, I'll never be able to make money doing that".

Like most people, my path in life has been winding and I'm no where near where I thought I'd be.  And guess what?!  I'm so glad.  My life is so much happier, bigger, and more freeing than I ever dreamt it would be.  I am now just a few months from 30 and finally living life on my terms.  Life where it is more than ok to be myself, however weird or loud or creative or crazy.  That new found freedom gave me the, well...balls, to start living my life for myself and my passions.  I now have the courage and confidence to step outside tradition and do whatever the heck I want to do.  It feels like it took forever to get here, but I'm finally free...free to be me and free to DREAM BIG.  Free for my sun to rise and  start a new day and a new adventure.

So...why did I start this business?  About 3 years ago I found myself feeling this new sense of freedom and questioning what to do about it.  It took some time to find my passion, but 2 years later after a particularly stressful week at my job as a pharmacist in a hospital I realized I was searching for purpose.  I started questioning myself...Is this what I really want to do for the rest of my life?  Sure, there are lots of things about being a pharmacist that I love, but am I LIVING?! Am I taking this precious life for granted by staring at this computer for 10 hrs a day? 

What was my conclusion?    I'm still working on it.  

As far as my life as a pharmacist goes, I love helping people.  I love the feeling I get when I talk with a patient leaving the hospital and know I helped them in a real way.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I catch something a doctor missed and make a big difference in a patient's care.  I love forming relationships with the people I work with.  I love being able to help friends and family with medical information and medications.  When I'm doing those things I feel like I am truly living.  The problem arises when I have to stare at a never-ending queue of orders, argue over "unapproved abbreviations", and deal with the endless bureaucracy and politics of a hospital and a large department.   I worked really long and hard to get my PharmD, not to mention I still owe 6-figures in student loans...so I'm not giving up on it yet.  I will continue to work at the hospital for the foreseeable  future, doing the best I can to care for patients and make a difference.  

So...again...why did I start this business?  That's a simpler answer...I love it.  I love almost everything about it.  I love meeting new people.  I love using my creative side to frame an image just right.  I love sunsets and I especially love photographing them.  I love taking a moment in time in a certain place and freezing it forever.  It's almost like time traveling.  I love how photography has taught me how to look at light and its like a whole new world is now visible to me.  I love catching someone's true smile.  I love making kids laugh.  I love photographing a newly engaged couple as they look at each other and see their joy and love in my viewfinder.  I love seeing a similar look as a mother looks at her children (both human and furry).  I love the technical complexity of my camera.  I love making a photo better with a few clicks in Lightroom and Photoshop.  I love the creative process.  I love being a business owner.  I love that I can take my laptop in the backyard and work while my pups sniff around and then fall asleep on my legs.  I love seeing people's reactions when they see their photos.  I love the excitement they have.  I love being proud of something I created.  I love seeing a boost of confidence in the eyes of a client when I've helped them look their best.   I...just...love....it.

I can't say my self-realization and new sense of awareness was completely self-realized.  I had a lot of help from books, my friends, my Mom, my therapist and Josh (my fiancé).  Josh has always encouraged me and been 100% supportive of this adventure.  He gives me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities.  My Mom...she has ALWAYS supported me and I'm the strong woman I am because of her.  (Yes I teared up here)

Any who...I hope you can identify with some of this.  I look forward to blogging.  I hope to continue a post a mix of informative, practical info about photography and heartfelt essays like this one.  Thank you for reading!  Thank you for coming to my website!  I hope you are inspired, maybe even inspired enough hire me or refer a friend ;)  As you can see if you made it to the end of this obscenely long post, I love photography.  So spread some good karma by helping me do more of what I love, book a session!!!


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